The Orienteering Club for York, Scarborough, Ryedale and Selby


30th December 2018

Thank you for turning up in the hundreds at today’s event at York University.

We would like to apologise for running out of maps on some courses, which meant some of you had to wait a while for a recycled map before starting your course. PDFs of the courses are now available for those of you who kindly gave your map back after your run.

Course A       Course B        Course C       Course D/E        Course F

If you would like a copy of your surrendered map, please contact the organiser by email (, stating the course you ran, your name and postal address. Arrangements have been made for a small extra supply of maps.

In addition, we have had some problems with the SI units, meaning that some of you have negative finish times. These have been adjusted by hand and are now available here. For reasons that are not yet clear the boxes were working on a 12 hour clock not 24 hours and so things went haywire at midday! This has been solved by giving those affected a 12 hour penalty! Unfortunately I have not found a way of removing this from the final results so please ignore this. I have included the splits times and although these have also been affected, they do give accurate leg times for the majority of people.

PDF results are here.

Routegadget now available here

Because of the box timing issue, splits analysis is unlikely to be meaningful.

And finally, we would really appreciate it if you could spend 5 to 8 minutes filling in this online survey produced by BOF.

It will help us complete our understanding of what we can do better, for our events in 2019 (as well as print more maps!!)

Many thanks in advance for your time and patience.