The Orienteering Club for York, Scarborough, Ryedale and Selby


Sea, Sand and Spires Weekend June 2018

The hottest weekend of the year and a memorable weekend of four orienteering events at three locations across Lincolnshire.

Hood Hill Relays - June 2018

Images taken by Vicky Todd, Steve & Linda Whitehead, and Helene Lecomte

York City event 28.05.2018

A collection of 38 images taken by Steve Whitehead and Rosie Beavers

Falsgrave & Sandybed

A collection of pics taken by Brian Ward, Rob Howlett and Katie Howlett at Falsgrave & Sandybed on 12th May 2018

JK2018 - Staffordshire

A selection of 57 images taken at JK2018 in Staffordshire by Wendy Carlyle, Brian Ward, Steve Whitehead, Rob Lines and Steve Rush

Selby 15th October 2017

Images taken at the Selby event on 15th October - pics taken by Bill Griffiths, Heidi Schwarze and Steve Whitehead

Brayton Barff 20.11.2016

A few images of EBOR's event at Brayton Barff on 20th November 2016

Staithes on 12th November 2016

A small number of images of EBOR members at Staithes

Peasholm Park 231016

A portfolio of 30 images taken by Vicky Bailey at Peasholm Park on 23rd October

Shipley & Saltaire 301016

13 pics of ebor members at Shipley & Saltaire - thanks to Wendy Carlyle

York Indoor Cup - 29th October 2016

158 pictures taken at the York Indoor Cup at Millthorpe School - thanks to Steve Whitehead and Heidi Schwarze

White Rose Weekend 2016

20 images taken at White Rose Weekend 2016 in Dalby Forest

Clifton Backies 18/5/16

11 images taken at an informal summer event at Clifton Backies on 18th May 2016

Belgium 3 Days 2016

A few images of EBOR members at the Belgian 3 days in the Ardennes.

British Championships 2016

A few images of EBORs at the British Championships in Shropshire

JK 2016 in Yorkshire

A selection of images of Eborienteers at various JK events and podia over the weekend

Thornton Dale - 12th March 2016

A few images taken by Katie Howlett at Thornton Dale at an informal O-event on 12th March.

Wass Forest footpath dig

57 images taken over two weekends in Wass Forest in late November and early December where a group of EBOR\'s, CLARO\'s and UYOC\'s were digging a footpath in preparation for JK 2016. Posted with thanks to Alex Lines and Mike Cope

Malton night event and Mexican dinner

A small gallery of pics taken at the Malton night event on 25th November 2015 - followed by dinner at El Gringos Mexican.

Brimham Rocks 22/11/15

A few photos taken by Karen Clark and Steve Whitehead at CLARO\'s Brimham Rocks event on 22nd November.

Gilling Woods 22/3/15

20 pictures taken at Gilling Woods on 22nd March 2015. [includes pictures of children competing. If you want any images of your children deleted, please tell us and will do that immediately]

RAF Linton-on-Ouse 21/3/15 (2)

71 images taken by Steve Whitehead at the event at RAF Linton on Ouse at the event on 21st March 2015.

RAF LInton-on-Ouse 21/3/15

23 photos taken at the YHOA Sprint Championships at RAF Linton-on-Ouse on 21st March 2015

Hawkhills 14/2/15

Three pics taken at the start at The Hawkhills on a chilly Valentines Day 2015

Autumn Series 2014 - Awards ceremony

The Autumn Series 2015 ended on a high with a great final event at Hazelwood Castle on 26th November, followed by the series awards ceremony.

Hazlewood Castle - terrain images

Three photos taken on 10th October by Steve Whitehead in EBOR\'s newest terrain - at Hazlewood Castle near Tadcaster

White Rose Weekend 2014 - gallery 2

236 photos taken by Mike Stirk and Steve Corrigan throughout the weekend. Includes the sprint and over 80 images of the Sunday prize-giving ceremony

White Rose Weekend 2014 - gallery 1

White Rose Weekend 2014 was in Scarborough. Here are 90 pictures taken throughout the weekend by Steve Whitehead, Vicky Todd, Mike Ridealgh, Amanda Cooper and Bill Griffiths

Club Championships 2014

A gallery of 13 photos taken by Linda Whitehead at the Club Championships 2014 prizegiving at Cawthorne

York City Race - 26th May 2014

A gallery of photos of the 2014 York City Race taken by Steve Whitehead, Karen Clark and Wendy Carlyle


A gallery of pictures of EBOR\'s (mainly) at JK2014 in South Wales.

Easter Bunny 2014

A few shots from the alternative to the JK

Welburn Hall 29/3/14

39 pictures taken at Welburn Hall on 29th March where courses ran through lush areas of daffodils

YH Middle Distance Championships awards

Images of prizegiving at YH Middle Distance Championships 2014 - after the event at Givendale on 23/3/14

Givendale road crossing on 23/3/14

A gallery of 72 photos taken by Steve Corrigan at the road crossing at Givendale - just west of the south start

Club Dinner at El Gringos, Malton

A small gallery of photos taken at El Gringos Restaurant at Malton at Eborienteers dinner - which followed an \"O- treasure hunt\" in the streets of Malton

EBOR Junior Talent Development Squad

A series of photographs taken at EBOR\'s junior \"Talent Development Squad\" day at Knavesmire on 25th January

Pickering Club Night

Three photos taken by Karen Clark of Pickering Club nighters on 16th January

Autumn Series 2013 - Prizegiving

A small series of photos taken at the prizegiving on 27th November - after the final event in EBOR\'s Autumn Series

Peasholm & the Secret Garden 17/11/13

33 photos taken by Bill Griffiths and Jonny Kendall at Peasholm Park on 17th November 2013

Pickering Club night Halloween activity

The final orienteering club night at Pickering on 24th October had a Halloween theme. Everybody joined into the spirit of the occasion!

BSSC - Druridge Sands

A small range of pictures of EBOR winners at the British School Score Championships in Northumbria on 12th October - taken by Katie Howlett and Heidi Schwarze

Rowntree Park - 21st September 2013

14 images of orienteering at Rowntree Park on 21st September

White Rose Weekend 2013

149 images of White Rose 2013 at Gilling Castle - taken by Steve Corrigan

Scottish 6-Days 2013

A few photos taken at the S6D by Steve Whitehead and Rosie Beavers

Club Championships 2013

A small gallery of images taken at the Club Championships 2013 by Steve and Linda Whitehead

Cawthorne 28th April 2013

A small gallery of 20 images taken by Wendy Carlyle at Cawthorne on 28th April.

British Sprints & Middle Weekend 2013

A small gallery of photos taken by Wendy Carlyle, Steve and Linda Whitehead at the Sprints and MIddle Weekend in Leicestershire and Derbyshire on 20th-21st April 2013

EBOR Juniors (and a few seniors) at Silton

EBOR\'s great team of juniors competed at Silton Forest, near Northallerton in the Yvette Baker Trophy heats on Sunday 14th April. (photos Katie Howlett, Dave Aspin and Amanda Cooper)

JK 2013

32 members of Eborienteers travelled to the Chiltern Hills for JK2013 over Easter. This gallery shows 42 images of most of them (across 3 pages of thumbnails). Photos courtesy of Wendy Carlyle, Steve Whitehead, Bill Griffiths and Crawford Lindsay.

Easter Bunny Event 31/3/13

On the sunniest day of the year so far, 55 runners joined us at Wheldrake for the Easter Bunny event. 34 seniors and 21 juniors all started together at 11am with a race to get to each control first as there was a chocolate egg on the top of each si block.

Thornton Dale 12/1/13

A sunny day in Thornton le Dale welcomed 46 orienteers to four courses that covered most of the village. (any queries or problems with any of these images - contact

Holbeck Ravine 15/12/12

On 15th December, on a sunny crisp Winters day, 30-odd orienteers and runners enjoyed David Horn\'s challenging courses in Holbeck Ravine and Scarborough South Cliff

Autumn Series 2012 Prizegiving - 28/11/12

Prizegiving at Acomb primary School at the conclusion of the Autumn Series 2012

Pocklington 25/11/12

Nine pictures taken by Linda Whitehead at a great event at Pocklington - despite appalling wet weather.

Hob Moor 27/9/12

Twelve pictures taken by Steve and Linda Whitehead of competitors at Hob Moor & Dringhouses event on 27th September 2012

Fulford Ings & Rowntree Park 15/9/12

Five pictures taken at Rowntree Park at a sunny Saturday event in the Autumn Series 2012

White Rose 2012 - Linda Whitehead

24 pictures taken throughout White Rose Weekend 2012 - from Friday lunchtime, erecting the marquee - to the Monday team score event. Includes mouth-watering cake pics!!

Newbridge Park Labyrinth - 21st July 2012

Over 50 youngsters (and a few oldies) enjoyed an orienteering maze at the official opening of Newbridge Park in Pickering on 21st July 2012. (photos - Jonny Kendall)

Club Championships 2012

The 35th Eborienteers Orienteering Championships were held at Keldy on Sunday 24th June 2012. Nine images of the winners on the (rather unusual) podium.

Knavesmire Orienteering Maze and Torch Relay.

Eborienteers organised an orienteering maze at Knavesmire on 18th June - to coincide with the arrival of the Olympic Torch in York